• Feb.
    • Signed NDA (China, Faurecia)
    • Jan.
    • Signed NDA (Japan, Shinden Hightex Corp)
      Signed NDA (Korea, LG Electronics)
    • Dec.
    • Signed NDA (China, Haier)
    • Nov.
    • Grand Prize at K-ICT Smart Device
      Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy Minister Award at Venture Startup Festival
    • Sept.
    • Prime Minister Award at Innovative Technology Show
    • Jul.
    • Chosen as Daegu City’s Pre-Star Company
      Grand Prize at Digital Innovation
    • Jun.
    • Signed Joint Development / Sales MOU (Rongheng Industrial Group China)
      Signed Joint Promotion (TOPPAN, Japan)
    • Dec.
    • Developed Smart Wearable Device,
      "BRAINNO - II"
    • Oct.
    • Joint R&D MOU on prevention/treatment for PTSD & ADHD (George Mason University)
    • Aug.
    • Joint Sales on BCI Contents & Services
      (BOOM, Japan)
    • Mar.
    • Joint R&D MOU on mental health and big data
      (Cognitive Science Research Dept. at Seoul National University, Korea)
    • Jan.
    • Clinical Test on Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients
      (Yangsan-Busan University Hospital)
    • Dec.
    • Joint Sale on B2B "Brain-King" / 1st Order (Tiposs Edu, Korea)
    • Aug.
    • Joint Sale MOU on Increasing Grades of College Entrance Examinees
      (Vita Edu - Goryeo E&C)
    • Jan.
    • Korea/Japan Joint Sale on Children Brain Development Product, "Brain-King" /
      1st Export (SHICHIDA, Japan)
    • Oct.
    • Released Lowest Cost Brainwave Device, "BRAINNO"
    • Apr.
    • 2nd Korea/Japan Joint R&D (BANDAI-NAMCO Games, Japan)
      Converge Brainwave & Entertainment, Develop/Sale Brain-Fitness Contents and Products
    • Mar.
    • Certified as Venture Company and as Company-Affiliated R&D Center
    • Apr.
    • 1st Korea/Japan Joint R&D(BANDAI-NAMCO Games, Japan)
      R&D on Device, Software, Games for Brain Computer Interface
    • Feb.
    • Established SOSO H&C, changed to corporation in June