B-Training System

  • B-Training System
  • Multi-Platform such as PC, Mobile, Smart TV → More scientific, systematic, diversified contents → Increase in concentration, balance between Left/Right brain, brain development, and prevent ADHD.
  • Target
  • 4 ~ 14 years old
  • Apply Neuro-Feedback Principle
  • Playing game with your brainwave → Increase SMR and Alpha wave that are helpful in brain activity → Increase concentration and cognitive ability, reduce stress, prevent ADHD
  • Neuro-Feedback Principle

    Developed in 1980, and it is the most high-tech medical technique to prevent/prevent brain diseases by improve in brain activity using brainwave games. It’s widely used in hospitals all over the countries to prevent/cure ADHD, dementia, depression since there are no side effects. And, neuro-feedback practice is being broadly used in Korea on increasing study ability.